If you found an injured or orphaned wild animal, please call our Helpline at #503-540-8664 and click on our Urgent Care information. Our Helpline and center is open: April 1st through August 31st from 8AM to 8PM – 7 days a week September 1st through March 31st from 8AM to 6PM – 7 days a week The center is open to the public to see our Ambassador Educational Birds from noon to 6PM every Sunday.  Please check in at the office. Please call our helpline if you have found an injured or orphaned animal.  If you leave us a voice message and do not receive a call back shortly after, please try calling us again. Your call is important to us, and we may be helping other patients the center. Call:  #503-540-8664 if you wish to speak to the following volunteers and you will be directed in the best way to contact or feel free to email. MAILING ADDRESS:

Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center PO BOX 768 Salem, OR   97308


1492 Bunker Hill Rd.  Salem

MAIN NUMBER503-540-8664 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:  Mary Bliss ANIMAL CARE DIRECTOR:  Jessy GIll ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR ANIMAL CARE: Charles Harmansky           VOLUNTEER COORIDNATOR: Charles Harmansky       Contact Jessy Gill with questions regarding material or supply donations.