Found a Baby Animal?

Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center exists to provide care to injured or orphaned Oregon wildlife with the goal to release back to their natural habitat. Through our education programs we encourage harmonious coexistence with nature.

 We need your help

Each year we expect a few baby raptors, however this year we surpassed all previous years and currently house 10 baby barn owls!  These orphaned babies came from three different clutches, each with no sign of the parental owls.  Nine of them arrived dehydrated but in great physical condition.  The 10th had a broken talon which is now healing beautifully.   We have now combined all three clutches and the 10 are co-existing happily in a huddle of fluffy down, emerging feathers and feisty talons.

Each baby consumes 6-7 mice per day, 30+ mice per feeding!!  Initially we constructed an elaborate camouflage system for feeding to avoid imprinting.   Behind the curtain, we would hand them mice from long tongs.   In the past few days, the babies have established the ability to eat on their own which means they are well on their way to returning to the wild!

We all know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and we are hoping to gather our village support to help us keep these youngsters well fed until release.  We have estimated the cost of raising each baby to age of release at $300 as each mouse costs 60 cents and they will be ready for release at 17 weeks.

If you are willing to join the village we will provide progress updates and a photo CD of their rearing as well as a wall certificate.  Not only will you have the pride of knowing you helped return a beautiful creature to the wild, you will be helping mother earth with natural rodent control and your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Like our Facebook page and check often for updates on their growth.